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How do I add people in a civil union to a life insurance policy?

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The legal options for obtaining legal status in an interpersonal relationship have grown significantly over the last few years. Illinois was one of the state leaders at the forefront of the national and federal movement to legalize the same-sex civil unions. While we have been a part of an important cultural sea of change, there are many issues that have arisen in the wake of the recent Supreme Court decision to make same-sex marriage legal. Insurance and insurance premiums for those in civil unions have become more complicated issues in response to recent changes in the law.

Many individuals may be wondering if they are going to be able to add their partners and his or her children as beneficiaries on their life insurance policy. There are significant rate changes that may apply, but in general, it is possible to add a civil partner and Child Life coverage to an existing policy. If the additional coverage is requested within 60 days of the finalization to the relevant civil union, a statement of health should not be required under Illinois state law.

Some specific domination may be required for any insurance additions of civil union partners and their children. Most widely, the Civil Union Partnership Certificate is required by most Group Insurance Representation. In addition, any group insurance members must provide the birth certificate and Social Security numbers of any young children who will be added to an existing policy. In many circumstances, the most recent tax return of an individual attempting to make a life insurance policy changes may be required to make the changes official.

The recently changed laws offer a variety of options for communities who have traditionally been refused many opportunities. A qualified, experienced legal professional can help guide you through this complicated new legal landscape and protect the rights of all involved.

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