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The importance of calm and peaceful child custody exchanges

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After a divorce, sharing the custody of your children with your co-parent can be frustrating or difficult. Even though you are divorced from this person, you must still interact with him or her for the sake of the children. Even when divorces are amicable, child custody can bring out behaviors that may surprise both parents. The custody exchange process is one such situation that can be problematic for parents and these problems may trickle down to affect the children.

Difficulties during custody exchanges may happen for any number of reasons. In the end, the reasons matter far less than the possible consequences of stormy exchanges. While it may not be easy to keep your interactions calm, it is in the best interests of your children to do so. Further, if your custody exchanges consistently devolve into disagreements or even violence, you and your co-parent risk losing your child custody rights. Without a doubt, this consequence is detrimental to you and to your children.

Obviously, you should try as hard as you can to maintain a peaceful environment during custody exchanges. If it is your co-parent who seems to be unable to remain cooperative, try talking about the issue with him or her. Perhaps a reminder about precisely what is at stake will have a positive outcome.

Alternatively, you can speak with an Illinois family law attorney about your child custody exchange issues. Often, an attorney is a wealth of information about problems that arise post-divorce. Your lawyer may also have access to resources that could help both you and your co-parent rise above your child custody issues.

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