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Lots of people going through divorce look to social media sites like Facebook to commiserate or find social support. It is easy to understand why people do this, but if used in a negative way, social media could be detrimental to your divorce. Many divorce attorneys are turning to Facebook and other sites to uncover information they may not otherwise discover. A great amount of people in Illinois and elsewhere only use Facebook to stay up-to-date about family and friends, but an inadvertent post, comment or photo might hurt you during your divorce.

Some of the potentially damaging content your spouse or your spouse’s lawyer could use against you includes:

— Content that goes against your claims of unemployment

— Content that suggests you are flirting or looking for a romance

— Photos that compromise your integrity or morality

— Content that shows your true whereabouts when you were supposed to be away on business

It is difficult for some people to stay away from social media completely. After all, Facebook and similar sites are places of connection and offer valuable socialization outlets. If you do not want to avoid Facebook entirely, here are a few tips to help keep you out of trouble.

— Be very careful about what you say or do on Facebook

— Remind your family and friends to also be careful about what they say or do about you

— Resist the urge to hack or otherwise access your spouse’s account

As you know, divorce is a difficult time in which your emotions can be hard to control. It is important to carefully consider what you say and do both on the Internet and during your day-to-day activities. Remember that your divorce lawyer can give you advice about specific “do’s and do not’s” while also serving as your strongest advocate.

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