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Getting prepared for the first meeting with your divorce lawyer

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Your initial meeting with the family law attorney you have chosen to represent you in a divorce will lay the foundation for your entire case. It is an important meeting in which you and your lawyer will learn a great deal about each other. It will also begin to shape the working relationship you cultivate throughout your divorce.

For many in Illinois who have never divorced before, getting prepared for this meeting can set the stage for a successful working relationship. Here is what you might expect during this first meeting. Preparing yourself ahead of time will likely reduce your anxiety and promote open and honest communication.

Be ready to give your attorney basic facts about your marriage. This will include names and birth dates of any children, the date you got married and other basic information. Your lawyer will also need to know why you are seeking a divorce and whether or not you have any evidence or examples of any events that led to your decision.

You should also prepare yourself to talk about the personal details of your relationship with your spouse. Some of this information may be embarrassing or uncomfortable, but it is important that your lawyer know about anything that may hurt your case. Specifically, you will need to tell your attorney about anything at all your spouse could use against you during the proceedings.

On the other side of the coin, the initial meeting is a time of give and take. Your attorney will be asking you questions while encouraging you to seek answers of your own. Remember, there are no wrong or silly questions and the lawyer you choose will be prepared to answer your concerns. We invite you to read the information available on our website to learn more about the divorce process in Illinois.

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