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Domestic partnerships are still an option for Illinois residents

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In 2015, same-sex marriage became legal throughout all of the United States. While this is a cause for celebration for many, others may still wonder if a domestic partnership is their best choice. Domestic partnerships in Illinois are still an option for those who remain uninterested in marriage, but before making this important decision, it is best to learn as much as possible about this kind of relationship.

A domestic partnership is similar to marriage in that it is a committed relationship between adults who share the same residence. One of the major differences is that domestic partners are not married. In most cases, these partnerships feature some of the same elements as marriage does: mutual devotion, cultivation of family and home and a commitment to one another's welfare.

Like a marriage, successful domestic partnerships require both parties to work hard toward building a family-focused relationship. Many partners achieve this by having a written agreement in which each party's rights and responsibilities are outlined. These agreements can also address issues such as having both partners names appear on legal documents and property titles.

Now that same-sex marriage is legal, some of the laws that govern domestic partnerships are in a state of flux. The same is true for the benefits associated with these relationships. For example, many employers no longer extend employee-related benefits to a party's domestic partner.

Whether you ultimately choose a same-sex marriage or a domestic partnership, you will benefit greatly from legal advice. You can turn to the Karen M. Lavin law office for informative and up-to-date information about the Illinois laws surrounding domestic partnerships. Feel free to read more on our website or contact our associates for detailed information.

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