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With Valentine's Day coming, are you wishing you were divorced?

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It might sound like an odd question: Does the Valentine's weekend around the corner make you anxious? Is the holiday making you sad this year? Are you just waiting for the big disappointment to which you have become accustomed in the past years?

If you are dreading the romantic holiday because you no longer feel love toward your spouse, maybe you should rethink your marriage -- particularly if you and your spouse have tried and tried to improve your relationship but things still feel dysfunctional.

Holidays and special events in general can shed light on the situation of a marriage and help reveal to spouses what they truly want or don't want out of life. If you are unhappy this Valentine's Day and your unhappiness has become routine, it might be helpful to try to imagine what life might be like if you get divorced. 

Making the decision to divorce is usually not easy. It can take years for people to come to the realization that divorce is the answer for their family situation. Some important matters to personally think about before moving forward and talking with a lawyer is what you think you want or need out of the following aspects of your divorce:

  • child custody
  • child support
  • alimony
  • division of property (debt)

It can help to have an idea of what you want and need before meeting with a lawyer so he or she can best understand the overall goal and attitude guiding your divorce. Maybe you are not sure what you want or need. No matter where you are in the mental and emotional preparation stages of divorce, an experienced family lawyer can help you understand your options, what is realistic, and what to expect out of the divorce process. 

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