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When a marriage is ending, each spouse experiences an onslaught of emotions. It seems like there are a million things to fret over, leading to a sense of feeling overwhelmed. In these intensely personal situations, the prospect of speaking with a divorce attorney can also be a source of anxiety. After all, you probably do not know this person beyond an initial meeting and now you are expected to divulge a wealth of personal information.

In almost all cases, those feelings of anxiety disappear once you spend more time with your attorney. However, it will benefit your case to overcome your initial anxiety in order to be as forthcoming as possible. You should understand that the American Bar Association has strict rules on an attorney’s moral and professional conduct. Everything you share with your attorney is confidential, but perhaps more importantly, your lawyer is guided by ethics learned during the course of training and practice.

What this means is that by the very nature of our profession, we attorneys are bound to protect you and your interests throughout our relationship. No matter how uncomfortable you may feel about the personal details you divulge, attorneys are skilled at remaining objective and nonjudgmental. This is one of the most important obligations of our profession. It also helps if you remember that attorneys have seen and heard it all; what you may feel is shocking or embarrassing will not faze your attorney or change the respect your lawyer feels for you.

We hope this information can relieve any anxiety you feel about talking with a divorce lawyer. We urge you to continue your education about an attorney’s responsibilities by studying the articles on our family law website.