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Do-it yourself, divorce app options not in your best interest

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Oh, the promise that someone can make divorce easier and less expensive for you. It is tempting, and dangerous. On a regular basis there are reports of a new service that is just perfect for the person looking to get a quick and simple divorce. There are reasons, however, why using an experienced, trusted divorce lawyer is the safest option. 

For example, a new startup business called Wedivorce offers an online platform for parties to avoid divorce court and supposedly go through the whole divorce process online. Even if that process were to be simple (and there is no promise it would), how could individuals be sure they are being properly protected?

Professional legal advice is more valuable than a quick legal process. Divorce is not just about one's current bottom line; it is about a person's or even an entire family's future. For example, someone's financial security is on the line during the divorce process. Also, the future of one's children depends upon the decisions made during custody and child support conversations. 

A legal service like the Law Offices of KML Associates, Attorneys at Law, has experience in the many complicated aspects of family law. Karen Lavin helps in areas such as prenuptial agreements, high-net worth divorces, adoption and more. Her background can fill her clients with more confidence that their best interests will be protected in their cases. 

Trying to figure out the family law process on one's own, without having an education in the law or legal experience, can not only be frustrating during divorce but a threat to a person's post-divorce quality of life as well. Lavin has the knowledge her clients need to strategically navigate their divorce, and she guides them in language that they will understand. 

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