February 2016 Archives

Reforms bring big changes to child custody

Illinois has already seen its fair share of changes to family law over the past few years, including revisions concerning spousal maintenance and same-sex marriages. New reforms took place at the beginning of the year in order to adapt to the changing times and lives of married and divorcing couples. Some of those reforms focus on child custody, potentially making the process much easier for parents.

With Valentine's Day coming, are you wishing you were divorced?

It might sound like an odd question: Does the Valentine's weekend around the corner make you anxious? Is the holiday making you sad this year? Are you just waiting for the big disappointment to which you have become accustomed in the past years?

Do-it yourself, divorce app options not in your best interest

Oh, the promise that someone can make divorce easier and less expensive for you. It is tempting, and dangerous. On a regular basis there are reports of a new service that is just perfect for the person looking to get a quick and simple divorce. There are reasons, however, why using an experienced, trusted divorce lawyer is the safest option.