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Ex-NBA star may have to sell house to pay child support

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It seems like just yesterday that Larry Johnson was roaming the floor boards of NBA stadiums across the league. But on-court accolades are not the reason why Illinoisans are reading about him this week. Instead, he is drawing attention because he owes a mountain of back-child support -- allegedly $900,000.

Johnson had a relationship with a woman. The relationship produced a baby who is now 18 years old. In between, Johnson struggled to keep up with the massive child-support payments he owed ($8,850 per month plus another $2,500 per month for a nanny). As a result, the woman filed papers with the court asking Johnson to make good on the debt. Specifically, she wants Johnson to sell off his assets and then use the proceeds to pay her and her daughter the $900,000 he allegedly owes.

In response, Johnson has agreed to give the woman his home -- estimated at $800,000. He has also agreed to give her $1,500 per month for an undisclosed amount of time.

Readers seeking to enforce child-support orders should take heart that even after a parent racks up an enormous debt, the court system can help recover the debt owed.

Meanwhile, readers sinking under an unceasing deluge of child-support demands should take steps to avoid what happened to Johnson. These readers should know they have options that can get the child-support amount reduced to a reasonable number given the person's current circumstances.

Whichever situation readers find themselves in, they may benefit from discussing their situation with an experienced family-law attorney.

Source: The Latino Post, "NBA Icon Larry Johnson Gives Orange County House to Baby Mama! Here's Why," Nens Bolilan, Sep. 21, 2015

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