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For Illinois parents, few issues are tougher when parents part than child custody. The stakes are high. Both parents love their child and want to spend time with them. But time is finite. If one parent is spending time with the child, the other parent is not. The zero-sum nature makes negotiation over a mutually satisfactory child-custody arrangement challenging in the best of times and downright impossible when divorces or separations get messy.

But while fights over who gets the kids and for how much of the time is the most commonly thought of child-custody scenario, it is not the only one. Some parents fight over whether a person has the right or responsibility to child custody. This debate pops up during paternity disputes, especially when a mother wants the alleged father to pay child support or when a man wants to be recognized as the father so he can secure child-custody rights.

Either way, the Law Offices of KML Associates can help. We have over 30 years of experience helping parents negotiate a fair child custody arrangement. And we have experience with both sides of the paternity dispute, whether that is establishing that a father is the biological father or that he is not.

Illinoisans looking for help understanding their legal options and the ins and outs of the process may benefit from checking out our firm’s website. Once there, they will learn more about the legal process and how an experienced family-law attorney can help. Give it a read; it could be just what was needed to untangle a knotty issue.