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How same-sex couples will be affected by new laws

Even though Illinois has been one of the states at the forefront of allowing same-sex couples to legally marry, the ruling by the U.S. Supreme Court to extend the right to marry across the entire country carries with it certain ramifications that must be understood. Bearing in mind the potential changes that the ruling makes, there are certain issues that have to be considered. With a conventional divorce, there are laws in place as to how the process goes. The same will be true for same-sex divorce.

Receiving an order of protection under Illinois family law

Regardless of the problems that can afflict an Illinois marriage, there is never an excuse for domestic abuse. Unfortunately, this happens all too frequently and it becomes necessary to consider seeking an order of protection. There are certain state laws that are in place when it comes to receiving an order of protection. It must be understood what they do and the consequences if they are violated.

What is the law for visitation rights in Illinois?

When an Illinois couple shares a child and decides to part ways, the best interests of the child are paramount. Unless there is some issue that makes it preferable for the child not to have contact with one of the parents, it will be beneficial for the child to have contact with both parents. This is why visitation rights are so important. The state has laws in place requiring that visitation be granted.

What child-custody arrangements are available?

Every family is unique. Every separation is different. Every parent-child relationship is distinct. The many permutations that accompany these variations call for flexibility in fashioning a child-custody arrangement. Fortunately, Illinois laws allow for just that.