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When Illinoisans say “I do,” they expect it to last. But no matter how good their intentions, or how great their effort to make it work, not all marriages can last forever. Life happens, people change, circumstances shift, difficulties pile up. When the strain of life becomes too great, relationships sometimes snap.

And, just as the strains of life may slowly pile up one by one, so too can a divorce take a long time. Divorce takes time because the process requires unwinding two lives. That requires resolving a litany of issues, many of the utmost importance. For example, couples may need to figure out property division, child custody, child support, spousal support and more.

But volume is not the only reason divorce can take a long time. So too is the difficulty of agreeing on how to slice up these meaty issues. One person’s fair settlement may seem absurd to the other. Some of those differences can come from different points of views; others radiate from the hard emotions that so frequently bubble up during a divorce.

Fortunately, Illinoisans do not need to navigate this stressful process alone. We have decades of experience shepherding Illinoisans through the process. We have learned how to make the process as painless as possible. We know how to evaluate the entire situation and then craft a realistic approach that address every aspect of the divorce. To learn more about divorce, the many issues it involves and how we can help, check out our website.