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Divorce affects everything, including taxes

In Illinois as elsewhere, divorce is not an easy time. A lot gets that thrown at a person fast. And often the person is not in the best situation for handling the onslaught. One issue that can get overlooked once the divorce has made it into the books is taxes.

Celebrity violates divorce order in attempt to get child custody?

Illinoisans love their kids. They want to be there to watch and help their children as they grow up. But when the mother and father cannot get along, that often means one parent will primarily be the person who gets to watch and help the child grow up. That seldom sits well for the parent who misses out. Take, for example, the former Gossip Girls actress, Kelly Rutherford.

Tax repercussions of alimony

When Illinoisans get divorced, it causes ripples across each spouse's life. There are the ripples people expect, like resolving child custody and splitting the marital assets. And then there are the ripples that people often overlook, like the tax effects of paying alimony. Below are a few explanations on how alimony affects Illinoisans' federal tax returns.

Experienced Illinois divorce attorneys know the family law system

When Illinoisans say "I do," they expect it to last. But no matter how good their intentions, or how great their effort to make it work, not all marriages can last forever. Life happens, people change, circumstances shift, difficulties pile up. When the strain of life becomes too great, relationships sometimes snap.