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Celebrity chef getting divorced

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Illinoisans may have heard that another celebrity marriage may be coming to an end. According to reports, Bobby Flay, a celebrity chef, and Stephanie March, one of the stars of "Law and Order: SVU," have separated and are in the process of filing for divorce.

What caused the 10-year relationship to end? Allegations of infidelity, apparently. In 2010, Flay was linked to January Jones of "Mad Men" fame. That year, Jones had a fender-bender. Right after, Flay showed up on the scene. That coincidence sent tongues wagging. Eventually, the gossip reached March, who questioned her husband about the timing.

But, another explanation may also be at play. The couple did not spend much time together. Flay spent a lot of time travelling, and plenty of time cooking at his restaurants. And, of course, March was starring on a television show. Over time, that kind of distance may have become too much, especially when the blogosphere started to buzz with accusations of infidelity.

Whatever the couples' reasons, their next step will be to divide their assets. Figuring that out could be straightforward, if the couple has a well-drafted prenuptial agreement. If not, asset division could get significantly trickier, given the length of their marriage and their high-powered careers. For example, the couple would need to identify which assets were separate and marital. They would also need to decide how to divvy up Flay's restaurant businesses and March's royalty payments.

When Illinoisans find themselves in Flay and March's situation, they may benefit from speaking with an experienced divorce attorney about their situation. Doing so could be just what they need to move forward with their life.

Source: The New York Daily News, "Bobby Flay's wife was furious over his rumored affair with January Jones; Kristen Stewart's out with gal pal," Marianne Garvey, Brian Niemietz & Oli Coleman, April 10, 2015

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