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How does the military aid child support?

Many Illinoisans serve in the military. That calling is an important one, but with it comes unique challenges. For instance, many service members serve extended deployments overseas. These deployments can strain families and prompt family law problems, especially for Illinois service members who owe child support.

What is a judge's role in child-custody cases?

In an ideal world, when Illinois parents split it up, they can make a responsible, mutually beneficial decision about who should get the kids and to what extent. But that consensus is seldom easy to reach. The couple care about their kids and want to spend time with them. At the same time, the couple is usually splitting because of serious, often emotional problems. Together, each parent's desire to have the kids, and their problems with each other, make it difficult for them to resolve child custody on their own.

Celebrity chef getting divorced

Illinoisans may have heard that another celebrity marriage may be coming to an end. According to reports, Bobby Flay, a celebrity chef, and Stephanie March, one of the stars of "Law and Order: SVU," have separated and are in the process of filing for divorce.

How does bankruptcy affect child support?

Imagine the following scenario: an Illinois couple has a child together. They split up; one parent gets custody of the child, and the other pays child support. A few years later, the parent paying child support falls on hard times and files for bankruptcy. What effect does the bankruptcy have on the parent's child-support obligation?

Moving can cause a child custody battle

When an Illinois couple marries, they normally commit to living in the same place. But, if they split, that commitment no longer applies. That means the couple may move miles, states or even countries away. No problem, right? Sure, unless the couple had a kid together. In that case, the move can become a major child custody issue, because the move may mean that only one parent gets to see the child on a day-to-day basis.

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