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Many Illinoisans know Ludacris for his rapping and acting. But a few also know him for his recent spate of highly public child-custody and child-support battles with his former girlfriend over their child. Many of those battles have been ugly, leaving the rapper’s reputation in tatters as a deadbeat dad. Now Ludacris finds himself under attack again, this time for getting married.

That may seem strange, but so too was how Ludacris got married. He got engaged and married on the same day. Why the haste? Reports did not say, but his former flame offered a theory: Ludacris wants to use the marriage to take back custody of his child. According to his ex, he will wave his marriage in front of the court and then compare it to his ex – who is a single mother – as part of an argument that he should get the child, not her.

But Ludacris’ former lady friend went further. Custody may not be the real reason, money is. In other words, the marriage is allegedly just Ludacris’ latest avenue for attacking his child-support payments, which are currently $7,000 per month. How would the marriage do that? Because only noncustodial parents pay child support. By gaining custody, he would cease being a noncustodial parent.

Whether for love or strategy, Ludacris’ same-day marriage underscores the emotion and challenges that await some Illinoisans with child-custody or child-support negotiations in their future. In some instances, Illinoisans can work through these issues with a minimum of rancor. But for many others, the charged and high-stakes nature of child custody and child support make that impossible.

Either way, Illinoisans may not want to address these issues alone. The stakes are simply too important. These parents may benefit from discussing their situation with an experienced family-law attorney.

Source:, “Ludacris Marriage A Trick To Get Custody, End Child Support Payments To Tamika Fuller, Says TMZ,” Jan. 8, 2015