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We help Illinoisans focus on the future

For many Illinoisans going through a divorce, it can be easy to focus on the past. It can be easy to think about the happy first act and the less happy second act. But Illinoisans should not mire in the muck of what went wrong and how they were wronged. Instead, they should do the exact opposite -- they should have a laser focus on the future.

What are child custody and visitation and how do they differ?

Many Illinois residents do not understand the child custody process and how time with a child is allotted. That's no surprise -- the process and the terminology can be misleading.

Ludacris marriage legit or child-custody ruse?

Many Illinoisans know Ludacris for his rapping and acting. But a few also know him for his recent spate of highly public child-custody and child-support battles with his former girlfriend over their child. Many of those battles have been ugly, leaving the rapper's reputation in tatters as a deadbeat dad. Now Ludacris finds himself under attack again, this time for getting married.

Five tips for unwinding finances during a divorce

In even the friendliest of divorces, unwinding a relationship can be tough. It is not always as simple as parting ways. The couple will still need to catalogue and then decide on how to split their assets and debts. The greater the finances involved, the more work it will likely take to wrap up the process. To simplify the asset division process in a divorce, Illinoisans may want to consider the following post. While this is not a substitute for legal advice, it could prove helpful to those with questions on how to handle property division.

Clint Eastwood finalizes divorce

The holidays can be a tough time for those whose marriage has come to an end. All the holiday parties and family get-togethers offer repeated reminders of the split. But divorces happen when they must. Take, for instance, Clint Eastwood's divorce. It was recently finalized.