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Rapper facing 5 felony counts for not paying child support

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Children are important -- and dependent. They cannot provide themselves food, clothing or shelter. They need their parents to provide these things. But not every parent does. Sometimes, one parent will ignore his or her basic responsibilities. Indeed, some parents will continue to disregard those responsibilities even after a court has ordered them to pay child support. Take, for instance, a rapper from just across the Illinois border.

Readers may remember the man as the father who claimed he died in 2009, so he was no longer eligible to pay child support. Because the rapper is still very much alive, even other rappers called him out for the outlandish claim.

Since then, the man has tried to capitalize on his moment of notoriety. He has launched an internet campaign and issued new songs based on his death and the social-media backlash that followed his claim that he no longer needed to pay child support because he had temporarily died.

The authorities are not buying the rapper's argument either. Prosecutors recently charged the man with five felonies for failure to pay child support. If convicted, the man could spend more than seven years in prison.

Prosecutors say the man has the money to pay the $100 per month that he owes in child support, but simply has not. As proof, they point to the man's social-media accounts, which feature pictures of the rapper with new cars, diamond sunglasses and a mink coat -- among other things.

Though this situation appears more clear-cut than many child-support cases, the point is very much the same: some parents will not pay unless someone makes them. Parents owed child support do not need to wait years for the state to get involved, they can speak with a family-law attorney about starting the process sooner. Doing so could be the first step toward recovering back child support.

Source:, "Deadbeat dad who 'died' to get out of paying child support claims he's permanently disabled," Nov. 25, 2014

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