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Have an Illinois paternity problem? We can help.

For many Illinoisans, the birth of a child is among the greatest highlights of their lives. But, for certain Illinoisans, the birth of their child is a bittersweet moment -- at once happy, yet clouded by uncertainty. That uncertainty can be the fruit of many scenarios. A common one is problems with paternity.

Where to send Illinois child-support payments

Sometimes, the fairy tale does not last. Sometimes, the story does not end with, "happily ever after." Sometimes, boy meets girl does not end well. But, if the legacy of that relationship is an Illinois baby, each parent has obligations that survive long after the relationship has come to an end. One of those obligations is child support.

How does relocation impact child custody?

For many Illinoisans, child custody is tough enough when both parents live near each other. But what happens when one parent wants to move hundreds of miles away or even across state lines? The answer (unsurprisingly) is that it depends. It depends on what the noncustodial says; it depends on how far the custodial parent wants to move; it depends on the child's best interest. Below are three questions and answers that shed some light on how these factors influence the outcome.

Rapper facing 5 felony counts for not paying child support

Children are important -- and dependent. They cannot provide themselves food, clothing or shelter. They need their parents to provide these things. But not every parent does. Sometimes, one parent will ignore his or her basic responsibilities. Indeed, some parents will continue to disregard those responsibilities even after a court has ordered them to pay child support. Take, for instance, a rapper from just across the Illinois border.

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