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Getting the right help when you're heading toward to divorce

Some divorces breeze right along toward a quick conclusion. Others do not. Many couples can expect a drawn out process filled with back and forth about a litany of high-stake issues: who gets the kids, the house, the retirement accounts and so much more.

Child custody FAQs

For Illinoisans with children, many of the biggest issues to resolve during a split involve children. Sometimes both parents want to be the primary caregiver; other times one parent wants the other parent to pay (what seems to the other parent to be) a princely sum for child support. This post will speak more about the first scenario: child custody.

What to do if a spouse says the marriage never happened?

Many Illinoisans can act like reasonable adults while going through a divorce, others less so. For some of these folks, divorce brings out the absolute worst. Take, for instance, a recent case in which a husband claims his marriage never happened -- even though he had a wedding, held out his wife as his wife for 20 years and had three children with her.

Survey says: Separation more stressful than divorce

A recent Gallup poll involving more than 130,000 Americans may interest Illinoisans. The poll looked into what was more stressful: divorce or the separation that precedes it. The poll found that the initial separation was more stressful than the actual divorce.