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Just as each Illinoisan is unique, so too are the family-law issues he or she encounters. Some Illinoisans get married, start a civil union or begin a domestic partnership. Others get divorced or dissolve their relationship. Some Illinoisans need an order of protection. Others need to create, modify or enforce a child-custody agreement. Some need to calculate child support; others need to enforce it.

Whatever the reason for an Illinoisan's journey into family law, the Law Offices of KML Associates is well equipped to help. We have decades of experience serving clients with difficult legal issues, from divorce to asset division, from child custody to child support. You do not have to handle these issues alone.

In helping our clients, we treat each one with respect and handle every matter with thorough preparation and skillful care. When negotiation is appropriate, we will strive to secure fair terms. When negotiation fails, we will aggressively litigate.

What's more, we recognize the importance of keeping you informed. From start to finish, we will make sure you stay up-to-date on the case. Our policy is to keep you apprised of all relevant information pertaining to your case.

Illinoisans interested in learning more about family law or about how our lawyers could help them may benefit from visiting our website. There, we have information on divorce, child custody, child visitation, orders of protection and much more. Clicking on the link could be the first step in ensuring that your legal issues are resolved in a satisfactory fashion.

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