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Getting married takes time. A couple meets, gets to know each and then gets married. Divorce takes time too. A couple decides they need to go their separate ways and then they have to disentangle their lives. That requires them to figure out how to split up the people and things in their life. This includes what to do about any children, as well as how to divide the couple's real estate, personal and intangible property. What is more, the final split must work for the couple both now and for the foreseeable future. That can be a tall order to fill.

Fortunately, our firm has experience in making one of the most stressful situations Illinoisans ever face - divorce - into as painless a process as possible. To do so, we look at the whole situation to formulate realistic solutions for each part of the divorce. This planning can encompass issues pertaining to children, including custody, visitation and support, as well as issues of asset division and any award of spousal Maintenance or alimony.

We guide Illinoisans through the divorce process, from start to finish. That guidance includes crafting a provisional agreement on how bills will be paid, working out when each parent will spend time with the children and other issues that need to be addressed while the divorce is pending. From there, you can expect to get a realistic picture of what to expect the final outcome will look like and an outline of the process to reach that outcome.

Whether that process is cooperative (i.e. mediation) or antagonistic (i.e. litigation), Illinoisans can rest assured that we will zealously pursue their best interests. For more information on this part of our practice, please visit our Taking a Personalized Approach to Illinois Divorce page.

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