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Discovery during divorce: Not just a personal journey

For many Illinoisans, divorce is a study in transformation. He or she starts as one person and finishes as a different one. In part, this transformation is because of the journey of personal discovery that divorce takes most people through. But personal discovery is not the only kind of discovery that goes on during a divorce: Illinoisans also need to go through legal discovery.

Sanford divorce tries mediation

For many Illinoisans, divorce can be a messy, difficult process. Emotions flare, words are said and dirty laundry is aired. In turn, tempers rise and litigation stretches forward, often for years. Take, for example, the divorce of Mark Sanford who is currently a United States congressman, but is better known for being the governor who arranged a romantic rendezvous with his Argentine lover by claiming to be on a hike through the Appalachian Trail.

What is the government's role in Illinois child support?

In many cases, Illinoisans never need to wonder about the state's role in enforcing child support. In these situations, no one needs to wonder because the parent who owes child support (typically the parent who does not live with the child) pays his or her child-support obligation on time and in full each month. However, not everyone is so fortunate. In these less-fortunate situations, the government's role can become pivotal in ensuring the non-custodial parent pays his or her child support.

We represent Illinoisans seeking a divorce

Getting married takes time. A couple meets, gets to know each and then gets married. Divorce takes time too. A couple decides they need to go their separate ways and then they have to disentangle their lives. That requires them to figure out how to split up the people and things in their life. This includes what to do about any children, as well as how to divide the couple's real estate, personal and intangible property. What is more, the final split must work for the couple both now and for the foreseeable future. That can be a tall order to fill.

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