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How do you file for and serve a divorce petition in Illinois?

For many Illinoisans, just making the decision to get divorced is tough. Because of that, little things can cause them to put off taking action. One small roadblock is figuring how and where to file and serve a divorce petition.

Illinois collects $1.4 billion in child support

Child support is a big deal for children who need it. It can also be a large amount of money. In fact, an Illinois agency collects more than $1 billion in child support annually. This past year the agency collected the most it ever has at more than a whopping $1.4 billion.

Divorcing couple battles over $20 billion property division

For many Illinoisans, divorce can be one of the most difficult chapters in their lives. For younger couples, the hardest issues tend to revolve around child custody. For older couples, the hardest issues tend to revolve around property division. Take, for instance, an oil tycoon's divorce.

Power couple begins divorce process, gets set to square off

Whether in Illinois or elsewhere, divorce is seldom easy. But some factors can ratchet up the difficulty level. For younger couples, the trickiness of the divorce typically centers around the couples' children. For older couples, the sticking point usually hinges on financials. The more money the couple has, the bigger the potential battle. Take, for example, the divorce of multibillion-dollar couple.