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Illinois couple contesting custody of the family dog

When Illinoisans get divorced, they have to sort through a swath of issues, some emotional, others legal. Many times the emotional and the legal merge. In some cases, that means fighting over child custody. But in other cases, it may mean deciding who gets to keep which friends, including man's best friend, the family dog.

Rapper fails to appear at child-support hearing, warrant issued

Having a child is a wonderful moment, but it also creates lasting responsibilities. For example, Illinois parents have an obligation to provide food, clothing and shelter for their children. Unfortunately, when parents split, some parents stop meeting their obligations, including obligations to pay child support.

Man jailed for non-existent back-child support finally released

For Illinois parents who owe child support, an easy way to make the payments is to have their employer withhold the amount from their paycheck. Normally, having the amount withheld is a reliable way for Illinoisans to make sure their children get what they deserve. But, mistakes will happen.

Three steps to take before filing for a divorce

Many Illinoisans have likely heard the axiom: "Don't do tomorrow what you can do today." But, for many people thinking about divorce, the opposite view wins out: "Don't do today what you can do tomorrow." Then, people dress that procrastination up with rationalizations, some more compelling than others. Illinoisans may tell themselves that they just want to wait for the holidays to pass, the school year to finish or any number of other things.

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