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Sailor's child custody case paused, while he is out to sea

Many Illinoisans have likely heard about the child custody lawsuit between a submariner and his former wife over their six-year-old daughter. The case made national headlines when it looked like a family-law court might take the child away from the submariner, while he was out to sea.

Bitcoin the next step for hiding marital assets?

As evidence by teaching plans for toddlers and young students that focus on sharing, humans may naturally want to keep their things to themselves. . And even after all the time and training at a young age, sharing does not always come naturally to some people, especially during a divorce. When that happens, these individuals may try to avoid a fair asset division by hiding assets such as real estate and other marital property.

Are social-media prenups a good idea?

Social media like Facebook and Instagram allow users to share many of their most intimate moments with friends and families. For many Illinois couples, that means announcing each relationship landmark from the first month anniversary and beyond. It also means countless pictures of fancy meals, road trips and vacations. In fact, smart phones have made nearly it instantaneous for couples to snap a picture and post it online.