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Same-sex partners may have to wait another day to get married

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Same sex couples around Illinois are excited for June 1. There is just one hitch: June 1 is a Sunday. Government offices usually are not open on a Sunday. For couples who do not want to wait a day that means exchanging vows on June 1 and waiting a day to make it official.

For couples who do not want to wait, at least one clerk recommended applying for a civil union license. The license could then be converted to a marriage license on June 2. The advice was especially important for an Elgin couple whose first date was June 1 fifteen years ago.

Meanwhile, some counties are taking other approaches to speed up the marriage process. One county has agreed to have officials meet with couples on June 1. Those couples will then have the option of going to Waukegon to speak with a judge who can waive the 24-hour requirement.

Although June 1 is fast approaching, for now same sex partners in Illinois continue to face unique challenges. And even after June 1, same sex partners will continue to have family law needs. For example, deciding who gets what when the worst comes and a divorce is needed. Post-June 1 same sex partners may receive the same default options as Illinois residents who are already married. But the default options may not be appropriate. Further, adoption may remain difficult. For whatever reason, many adoption agencies will not work with gay and lesbian partners. Same sex partners going through these issues may want to learn more about their options due to the continued difficult with the issues facing same-sex partners.

Source: Chicago Tribune, "Same-sex marriage delay in collar counties," Stephanie K. Baer, May 4, 2014

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