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For many divorced Illinoisans who have kids, one of their toughest ongoing family law issues is child support. For some, the problem is enforcing child support. For others, the problem is making payments. Fortunately, there are solutions for each side of the problem.

To see how it works, Illinoisans may be interested in Charlie Sheen’s latest turn in the headlines. This time he is making headlines for allegedly choosing not to pay his $55,000 monthly child support payment to Denise Richards, his second ex-wife. Sheen and Richards had two daughters together.

The decision reportedly reflects Sheen’s fiancée’s desire for Sheen to cut his expenses. Sheen feels justified in not paying his child support because Richards reportedly does not let Sheen see his two daughters.

Sheen’s reasoning may not hold up in court though. If not, Richards can ask the court to enforce Sheen’s child support obligation. Enforcement comes in several forms. The first form is intercepting the noncustodial parent’s money or property. For example, during tax season, people often get tax refunds, which the government can take to satisfy child support arrears. Similarly, the court can garnish wages, or place a lien on property.

Meanwhile, not every parent behind on child support is in Sheen’s shoes. Many are behind because they cannot make the payments. If this is the case, Illinoisans should consider filing a child support modification petition that requests the court reduce the child support obligation. When filing this kind of request, Illinoisans should explain how a change in life circumstances such as a lost job, medical expenses or a slow down in business makes it necessary.

Source:, “Charlie Sheen Blows Off Child Support To Ex-Wife Denise Richards For Third Month At Behest Of Fiancee Brett Rossi,” April 9, 2014