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Pet-custody disputes on the rise

Pets are popular in Illinois. More than six out of 10 American households have at least one pet. Given that popularity, it is no surprise then that pet custody has become an increasingly common family law issue. In fact, according to the American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers, pet-custody disputes have made into courtrooms with increasing frequency in recent years.

Handle investments with care during a divorce

When many Illinoisans think about divorce, they think about the emotions and events that all too often consume the process. But emotion is just one aspect of divorce. A far more important aspect in the long run, is the business side of the separation: property division.

Sheen stops making his child support payments

For many divorced Illinoisans who have kids, one of their toughest ongoing family law issues is child support. For some, the problem is enforcing child support. For others, the problem is making payments. Fortunately, there are solutions for each side of the problem.

Divvying up restricted stock and stock options during a divorce

For many Illinoisans, getting a divorce is an emotional decision. But it is also a business decision. Because it is also a business decision, Illinoisans need to know about key financial terms and instruments. If not, they might not receive a fair property division.