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Ludacris fails to pay child support, asks court for child custody

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Many Illinoisans know Ludacris, the well-known rapper and Fast-and-Furious actor. Ludacris recently found himself in the news because of his personal, rather than his professional, life. Ludacris and the mother of his two-month-old child are embroiled in a child custody dispute that grew out of a child support battle.

The child support battle started when Ludacris claimed he could not meet his child support obligation, which is currently $15,000 per month. Ludacris said that the death of Paul Walker, one of the main characters in the "Fast and Furious" franchise, had halted production on the latest installment and thrown Ludacris' finances into shambles.

Despite a reported net worth north of $10 million, Ludacris alleged he made less than $60,000 last year and, therefore, could only pay $1,800 per month. A judge ultimately cut the payment by more than half.

However, Ludacris did not stop at reducing his child support obligation. He also asked the court to give him child custody and require the mother of his child to pay him child support. In support, Ludacris said he is an "active father" and a "fit and capable parent." The mother has not yet responded to Ludacris' child custody request.

Regardless of what happens next in the Ludacris saga, Illinoisans can learn from what has already transpired. The first takeaway is that courts will help collect unpaid child support. Illinoisans do not have to go in alone when enforcing a child support obligation.

The second takeaway is that child custody and support are not carved into granite. These arrangements can be changed when circumstances warrant modifying them. As a result, Illinoisans who have experienced either of these situations may benefit from talking with an experienced family attorney.

Source: International Business Times, "Ludacris Wants Tamika Fuller To Pay Him Child Support, Plus Full Custody Of 2-Month-Old Daughter Cai," Amethyst Tate, Feb. 24, 2014

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