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March 2014 Archives

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State going after sperm donor for child support

Parents and soon-to-be parents in Illinois understand having children means much responsibility. For some couples, they have to go through other means to obtain a child if they cannot conceive one on their own. Although these methods are considered very beneficial, they could also include complex issues such as those pertaining to custody and support.

Financial literacy key during a divorce

For many Illinoisans, divorce is the toughest business transaction of their life. It involves a whirlwind of emotion and potentially complicated property division. This division can include not only a house, but also retirement accounts, investments, a shared business and more. Because of the complexity involved, Illinoisans should not wait until they are in the maelstrom of a divorce to start learning about finances.

Illinois AG encourages counties to grant same-sex marriages now

Many same-sex partners in Illinois have been eagerly anticipating June 1, 2014. That is the day state law allowing same-sex marriage will go into effect. However, Attorney General Lisa Madigan wants to speed up the process. She has been encouraging counties to provide marriage licenses to same-sex couples. This encouragement comes in the wake of a federal court ruling giving the green light to Cook County same-sex couples getting married before June 1.

Ludacris fails to pay child support, asks court for child custody

Many Illinoisans know Ludacris, the well-known rapper and Fast-and-Furious actor. Ludacris recently found himself in the news because of his personal, rather than his professional, life. Ludacris and the mother of his two-month-old child are embroiled in a child custody dispute that grew out of a child support battle.

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