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Divorce does not have to harm Illinoisan's well-being

In Illinois and elsewhere, about 40 percent of marriages end in divorce. When those marriages come to an end, it can mean a rocky time in which Illinoisans have to resolve many important questions in a short burst of time, questions like alimony, child custody and property division.

Ex-wife claims Wall Street banker owes thousands in child support

When Illinoisans divorce, many want to leave that chapter in their rear-view mirror. They do not want to re-live the emotion, the legal wrangling and the negotiations over who gets the house, the cars and the dog. But for divorced couples with kids, family law issues like child custody and, especially, child support can resurface years after the ink finalizing the divorce has dried.

Splitting child custody during the holidays

The holidays are in full swing. Illinoisans recently celebrated Thanksgiving with Christmas coming fast. But while many Illinoisan love the holidays, it may be a difficult time for Illinoisans who do not get to share the holidays with their children due to child custody and visitation arrangements.

Flourishing during divorce

The holiday season is a time of joy and happiness for many Illinoisans, a time to celebrate with family and, especially, friends. But not everyone enjoys the season. For some, it can be a painful reminder of tough times just passed or still ongoing for those engaged in the divorce process. But fortunately, while divorce can be tough, Illinoisans can get through it, and even succeed at it.

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