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Divorce court tips: How to act before and during a hearing

For better or worse, divorce is one of the biggest moments in a person's life. Given the consequences and the emotions underlying it, Illinoisans are often feeling raw nerves during the process. That can mean not always acting in a positive manner in court. However, it is important to leave a good impression because the judge has few opportunities to meet parties personally. During those opportunities, the judge is evaluating both parties' credibility, which shades how the court will view the parties' claims and ultimately how the court will rule on them. Fortunately, by following a few tips, Illinoisans can have a better chance to leave a good impression with the court.

Common divorce mistakes Illinoisans make

Trying new things is a part of life. But trying new things also means mistakes. For example, when a baby tries to take its first step, it typically ends in falling down - the same for riding a bike. But from the falling comes growth and progress.

Reality star's husband agrees to pay $75,000 in child support

Many Illinoisans who enjoy reality television likely watch Bravo's panoply of shows featuring former and current housewives and girlfriends of the rich and famous. One of these former housewives (who recently left the show she starred on) and her former husband found themselves in the news recently regarding their child support issues.