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Liam Gallagher's partner requests sole custody

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For most Illinoisans, having a child is a life-altering milestone, an event that shifts priorities away from oneself and toward the new life he or she helped usher into this world. However, according to the partner of the singer, Liam Gallagher, Gallagher should have only restricted access to his child.

Gallagher and his partner have a 10-month-old child together. Since the child's birth, according to Gallagher's partner, Gallagher has not seen, talked to or even exhibited any interest in the child.

Gallagher's alleged lack of interest is one of the reasons that Gallagher's partner recently asked a court to award her sole child custody. The other reason for the request is that Gallagher's partner worries that the singer's lifestyle might be dangerous toward the child. For this second reason, Gallagher's partner also asked to limit Gallagher's child visitation to supervised visits only.

How the case will go from here is unclear. Much will depend on whether Gallagher actually is interested in the child. If Gallagher is not, as his partner claims, he may not contest his partner's request. If, on the other hand, Gallagher is interested, then a child custody battle could begin.

In any event, for those Illinoisans who, like Gallagher's partner, want to seek custody of their child or modify visitation rights may benefit from talking about their case with an experienced family law attorney. In doing so, a parent can weigh their options and pick the best one for his or her situation. In some situations that may mean, as here, a parent choosing to seek sole custody. In other situations, it could mean some form of shared custody for the parents.

Source: Mizo News, "Liam Gallagher's partner wants sole custody of child," Oct. 29, 2013

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