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Lakers star Steve Nash resolves child custody dispute

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Like elsewhere, Illinois couples going through divorce have to work through many hard issues at once, including alimony, child support and child custody. And, more difficult still, they have to do it with the help of the person they are separating from. Those two factors are among the reasons divorce can be so hard.

Take, for instance, Lakers star Steve Nash, who has enjoyed a long and storied NBA career. That professional success has not protected him from a long and contentious child custody battle with his former wife.

The most recent brouhaha allegedly involved attempts by Nash to prevent his former wife from moving. He opposed the move because, according to him, his ex-wife was using the move as a way to secure additional child support. The twist, however, is that Nash's ex-wife is not trying to move away from Nash. Instead, she is trying to move into the city that Nash now lives in.

Those struggles, however, may be in the past. Nash and his ex-wife reached a settlement approved by a court in the state where Nash's ex-wife currently lives. Unfortunately for the curious, the terms of that settlement agreement have been sealed.

Nonetheless, while the terms of that agreement may not see the light of day, Nash's experience should provide a few lessons for readers. First, in the midst of a child custody battle, many things that would not appear to be an issue actually are, even something as seemingly positive as a mother moving the children to where there father lives. Second, privacy is attainable, even for the most high-profile couples.

Source: Huffington Post, "Steve Nash Settles Child Custody Dispute With Ex-Wife Alejandra Amarilla," Oct. 3, 2013

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