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Tips to combat common financial fears during divorce

For many Illinoisans, divorce is fraught with many emotions, one being fear; fear that they will not get a fair share of the property division, fear that they will end up with the "bad" assets, fear that they will have to make a substantial post-divorce lifestyle change. These fears are particularly salient for the so-called "out spouse," that is, the spouse less familiar with the couples' financial situation. But, like most fears, knowledge and preparation can do a lot to inoculate against the potential sting.

Usher retains child custody following pool accident

Illinoisans may recall that R&B star Usher has been in and out of the news for the last several years not just because of his gifted vocal skills and signature dance moves, but also because of a slew of family law issues, especially child custody over his two kids. Usher and his ex-wife were married in 2007, divorced in 2009 and have battled regularly since.

Man ordered to pay child support for another man's baby

Illinois authorities take child support obligations very seriously, including garnishing wages, withholding tax refunds, seizing property and more. As a result, when Illinoisans get behind on their child support payments, for bad and good reasons alike, authorities will be in touch. For one man in a nearby state, that contact seemed like a joke, but just at first.

Federal lawmakers introduce Rape Survivor Child Custody Act

Federal lawmakers have turned their attention to child custody rights. That attention has turned into the Rape Survivor Child Custody Act, which would provide financial incentives for states like Illinois to pass laws that would help Illinois mothers terminate the parental rights of their rapists.

Some considerations in divorce for Illinois residents

The time leading up to the decision to divorce can be stressful for many in Illinois. Making the decision to divorce may feel like a moment of clarity allowing spouses to move forward with their separate lives. However, there may be some confusion on how to best to proceed during a divorce. By following a few steps, Illinoisans can improve their chances of successfully traversing the divorce process.

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