July 2013 Archives

Supporters ready to champion Illinois marriage-equality bill

The movement for marriage-equality in Illinois did not stay stalled for long. Although the movement came up short after a bill that passed in the Senate but languished in the House, a coalition championing the cause, Illinois Unites for Marriage, announced that it has built up a $2 million war chest for the next legislative session. The group is ramping up to psh for the bill to be made a law, will also work to reach supporters with the help of over a dozen field organizers working in different areas of the state.

Former slugger Danny Tartabull has family law problems

Many Chicago baseball fans probably remember Danny Tartabull, a former All-Star who played for several teams during his 14-year major league baseball career. Now he is in the news for a very different reason: violating family law, which may also have criminal consequences.

Baby boomers a rising proportion of divorce filings

For many Illinoisans, divorce is tough. It is an emotional time filled with tough decisions that will dramatically shape the person's future. That is true whether the person getting divorced is just starting out or farther along in their life.

Supreme Court decides same-sex partners cases

The Supreme Court recently weighed in on several cases of significant importance to same-sex couples. In the short-term, the case with perhaps the most immediate impact for same-sex partners in Illinois may be the demise of the Defense of Marriage Act. In United States v. Windsor, the Supreme Court required the federal government to provide same-sex couples with state-recognized marriages the same federal benefits couples in opposite-sex marriages enjoy.