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May 2013 Archives

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Illinois parents owes billions in back child support

Back child support is a serious issue with significant ramifications. In fact, in Illinois non-custodial parents owe over $3 billion in back child support to their children. Children on the losing side of that number know just how big a family law issue child support can be. To help unravel the hardship that over $3 billion in back child support is, one Illinois lawmaker has proposed to a bill that would garnish gambling winnings.

NASCAR CEO's divorce continues to haunt him

Brian France, chief executive of NASCAR, likely thought he had seen the last of a courtroom when the end of his marriage was finalized in 2008. But, as many Illinoisans could have told him, divorce is not necessarily the end of litigation, especially for someone worth hundreds of millions of dollars.

Divorce can be complex, involve many hidden issues

The decision to divorce can be difficult for any couple in Illinois, but depending on a number of factors such as the length of marriage, amount of assets and age of any children, the divorce process itself can be a challenge - even if those divorcing are willing to work with each other. Property division in particular can be a challenge with consequences that go beyond just the ex-spouses.

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