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The vote on gay marriage in the Illinois legislature was delayed until the next legislative session largely due to concerns that the bill would not probably not pass before the end of the current session. Two key supporters were unable to make the vote. This latest update comes at a time when the Illinois legislature and governor are likely to support the right of same-sex couples to marry.

Some observers also believe that it may not be the most politically feasible time for some lawmakers to support same-sex marriage, regardless of party affiliation

Still, many see the adoption of gay marriage in Illinois to be something that is definitely on the horizon. If this is true, Illinois could be the first non-coastal state to legislatively adopt gay marriage. At present, the only non-coastal state to have legalized gay marriage is Iowa, which did not do so by passing a law but by means of a state Supreme Court decision.

Similar court challenges are taking place in Illinois, but such cases can take years to come to fruition. Passing a statute could take effect immediately.

Some lawmakers say the vote could take place in early 2013. Until then, proponents will be garnering support and tweaking the bill to address some of ongoing concerns regarding the proposal.

Although same sex couples cannot yet legally marry in Illinois, they can still prepare for the potential end of a long-term relationship by entering into a life-partner agreement. These kinds of agreements functionally resemble prenuptial agreements and can settle things such as asset division and child custody before they ever become disputes.

Source: Yahoo News, “Gay marriage remains a tough sell in Illinois,” Sara Burnett, Jan. 5, 2013