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Football star Ray Lewis gets asked for more child support

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Football star Ray Lewis has six children by four different women. One of the mothers has recently accused the sports celebrity of having failed to fully disclose his financial information when they first agreed on a support arrangement for their son eleven years ago. She has asked for permission to inspect Lewis' records and to renegotiate the child support order that currently requires the athlete to pay her $3,500 a month.

In Illinois, as elsewhere, family law dictates that child support arrangements can be altered when circumstances change. Such changes may include an increase or decrease in the income of the non-custodial parent or an increase or decrease in the financial needs of the child.

In response to the mother, Lewis has requested a judge block her from inspecting his records. Also, and perhaps more significantly, he has asked that the court appoint a guardian for his son. The guardianship would establish a person, separate from either parent, who would manage the support payments on behalf of the child. Lewis believes such an arrangement would ensure that the money he pays goes to caring for his son. He is concerned that the mother is using the support payments to also care for another child that she bore by another man.

The mother is also reportedly subject to a $1,000,000 judgment on an unrelated matter that Lewis believes could potentially swallow his child support payments.

Generally, child support payments go directly to the custodial parent, who can use the money how they see fit.

Lewis argues as well that the mother had legal representation when first entering into the child support agreement, and should thus be barred from trying to force a new arrangement at this time. He says any dissatisfaction with the payment agreement should have been voiced during the original negotiations.

Source: Forbes, "Ray Lewis tries to stop former girlfriend from getting more child support," Makkada B. Selah, Dec. 18, 2012

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