November 2012 Archives

Man divorced wife years before his death without her knowledge

A widow recently learned that her husband divorced her in secret 10 years ago without ever having told her. The couple had lived together for over 30 years until the husband's death at age 65. The 75-year-old widow found the divorce documents while going through the belongings of her deceased husband. The documents were dated eight years before his death.

Warrants issued for child support in Cook County, Illinois

November is officially Child Support Awareness Month in Cook County. The county indicated that of all the child support cases that exist within Illinois, 60 percent take place in Cook County.

Joe Simpson moves to prevent assets from going to Tina in divorce

Joe and Tina Simpson, parents of pop star Jessica Simpson, are divorcing after 34 years of about extramarital affairs playing a part in the split, but so far the family marriage. Rumors abound has denied such allegations. They say the couple is breaking up because of a personality conflict. Tina was the first to move for the divorce, and Joe has responded by requesting that he walk away with all the couple's assets.