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Divorce settlements -- as unique as the family

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Many decisions must be made as a couple ends their marriage. Couples seeking divorce can be as contentious or as amicable as they choose. Illinois couples can work directly with each other and their attorneys to create a settlement. This settlement can be detailed and cover every aspect of the divorce, including child custody and visitation. Working together, couples can generally save time and money by staying out of court.

One of the benefits of these types of amicable divorce settlements is that the couple can create creative solutions that fit their particular lifestyle. They can choose exactly all the best solutions for their particular situation. One Illinois man and his ex-wife have recently done just that.

In this case, the Illinois man and his wife were divorcing and created an agreement about when each of them would have visitation with their two small children. This agreement highlighted days that each parent felt that it was important to have time with their children.

However, in this agreement, the couple went beyond the usual areas of winter and spring breaks, religious holidays, birthdays and Thanksgiving. To this man, sporting events were just as important to him as any other major holiday -- particularly if they involve his favorite team Syracuse. Therefore, the couple crafted a clause in the agreement that lets the father have visitation with the children during the NCAA basketball championship if Syracuse is playing. He also gets the children all day during the Super Bowl.

This unique arrangement shows the flexibility couples have when they make their divorce decrees. When crafted with the right guidance, these agreements can make couples lives easier after the divorce while still respecting what is important to that family.

Source: Yahoo Sports, "Syracuse fan makes unusual custody request in divorce settlement," Jeff Eisenberg, July 27, 2012

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