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Many children rely on child support payments to meet their basic financial needs. Without these payments, their parents could often not provide basic necessities, including medical care and shelter, for the children. Therefore, Illinois family law courts take the collection of child support very seriously.

Child support is generally ordered by a family law court after either a divorce or the break-up of a relationship with children. These monthly payments ensure that the children are financially taken care of even if their parents are no longer together.

In many cases, to ensure that the parent who owes child support pays, the child support payments are garnished from that parent’s paycheck. That money is then forwarded to the state of Illinois, which passes it on to the parent owed the child support.

This system has created an unfortunate situation for several Illinois families. One man, the owner of several Sonic restaurants, is accused of not properly paying child support to employees’ children. According to three employees, this man has been garnishing the wages of his employees with child support obligations. However, instead of passing the money to the state, the man has been keeping the money for himself.

The State Attorney General’s office has filed a lawsuit against this man seeking the payments, penalties and fines. In total, they are seeking $88,200 from this man. The man has yet to answer the lawsuit and is, at this time, missing.

If these allegations are true, then this man has essentially been stealing from children. Hopefully, the children being victimized by this alleged scam are okay.

Source: The Telegraph, “Sonic owner faces local legal troubles,” Fred Pollard, July 14, 2012