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The end of a relationship between any couple can be highly emotional. When it is the end of a marriage, in Illinois or anywhere else, emotions can run rampant. In extreme cases, emotions can even take control during a divorce and lead people to do things they normally would not do.

This has been the case between Pro Football Hall of Fame member Deion Sanders and his wife. The couple has been in divorce proceedings since December. Until recently, the couple had been living together in their home as they figured out their child custody and property division agreements. However, the couple had a fight in late April which changed all of that.

According to an ongoing police investigation, the couple got into a physical altercation at their shared home. Sanders claims that his wife attacked him, while his wife claims the whole incident was a setup to keep Sanders in the news and make her look like an unfit mother. Sanders claims that she has physically abused their children and failed to take them to school. She claims that he called the police until they arrested her and then violated a court order by tweeting photos of their children. Both Sanders and his wife are facing assault charges stemming from the incident. Sanders is also facing a related criminal mischief charge.

While emotions may have gotten the best of the couple during this incident, through their attorneys, they still have to deal with each other. Custody of their three young children is at stake. And if that wasn’t enough, they also must come to an agreement over how to divide their home and other property.

Source: ABC 7 Chicago, “Deion Sanders facing new criminal mischief charge,” May 3, 2012