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McHenry congressman settles child support dispute

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A U.S congressman from Illinois who has been divorced from his ex-wife for ten years recently settled a child support claim that he said made him, "go to bed wanting to scream."

Rep. Joe Walsh, who hails from McHenry, has been divorced from his ex-wife since December of 2002. They had been married for fifteen years. Mr. Walsh's ex-wife had made repeated child support complaints to the court through the years in regards to their three children. However, his ex-wife made the latest motion, she claims, after she saw that he was able to loan his congressional campaign $35,000.

Mr. Walsh claimed he was frustrated with the news coverage of the child support issue, but he decided to pursue his legal options instead of fighting the media. Now that the matter has been settled, Mr. Walsh and his ex-wife released a joint statement calling the whole issue a "public misunderstanding" and declaring that Mr. Walsh "does not owe child support."

Since his election in 2010, Mr. Walsh has been paying his child support obligations through wage garnishment, for a total of $2,164 thus far.

This very public domestic relations issue serves as a glaring example of how complicated and sometimes contentious divorce and its associated proceedings can be. Child custody, visitation and child support issues are often the most difficult parts of the litigation. When a family unit splits, there are many details that need to be addressed about the continuing obligations of the individuals who made up that unit.

Although the process does make some people "want to scream," retaining an experienced family lawyer is the best way to make sure your thoughts, opinions and beliefs are asserted to the decision makers and your ex-spouse. In many instances, trips to court can be avoided through mediation, which also offers those involved a chance to settle confidentially and keep their affairs private.

Source: Chicago Sun-Times, "Rep. Joe Walsh says child-support dispute with ex-wife is resolved," Abdon M. Pallasch, April 19, 2012

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