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Infidelity issues surface in NBA player's divorce

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Many Illinois basketball fans would probably agree that Allen Iverson was one of the best point guards to have ever played in the NBA. At the peak of his career in 2001, he married his wife, Tawanna. Regrettably, the couple's marriage struggled throughout the rest of Iverson's basketball stretch in the United States. Specifically, rumors surfaced that Iverson may have been unfaithful. Now, as the couple deals with a pending divorce, Tawanna has filed court documents asking the basketball player to submit a list of every woman he had sexual relations with during their 10-year marriage.

The story began when Iverson's wife filed for divorce in 2010. However, she dropped the petition when the couple attempted to reconcile their differences. Ultimately, Tawanna filed again in the summer of 2011. In her recent petition, she requested custody of the couple's five children, child support and alimony.

However, these aren't the only requests that the NBA wife made. In addition, Tawanna has also asked for the name and telephone number of every person whom Iverson has had intimate relations with during the course of the couple's marriage. Sources say that the demand for this information is somewhat strange, considering that Tawanna stated last June that her divorce had nothing to do with infidelity. Nevertheless, as the NBA player battles through the drama and messiness of marriage dissolution, he will now have to address the issue of disloyalty.

As this story demonstrates, divorce can be extremely ugly. It involves a lot of serious matters such as money, property, emotions and children. Furthermore, settlements can be drawn out and exhausting.

While it may be difficult to end a marriage, ultimately, couples can usually resolve any pending issues and happily move forward with legal assistance. Hopefully, this will be the case for the renowned NBA player, his wife and children.

Source: Huffington Post, "Allen Iverson Divorce: Tawanna Iverson requests list of women NBA star allegedly cheated with," March 20, 2012


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