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February 2012 Archives

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Caution: Cigarette smoking may hurt your child custody case

Do you smoke cigarettes? Are you trying to kick the habit? Illinois tobacco lovers have probably already heard about the health risks associated with smoking. However, did you know that as a smoker, you could potentially lose your kids in a child custody dispute? This is one risk that might make quitting look more appealing.

Supreme Court declines grandparents' visitation case

As many Illinois residents know, child-related legal matters can be very exhausting. Specifically, issues surrounding custody and visitation can disrupt an entire family. In recent news, the Supreme Court has rejected an appeal from grandparents who wanted a court order for visitation rights with their grandchildren.

Illinois legislators propose a same-sex marriage bill

This legislative session, there has been a heated discussion regarding same-sex marriage rights in Illinois. According to reports, a bill that would allow same-sex matrimony was proposed recently by Illinois Representatives Greg Harris, Deborah Mell and Kelly Cassidy. The bill is supported by gay and lesbian activists across the country.

5 tips for handling a stressful split

As some Illinois residents know, ending a marriage can drive you up a wall. So, how do you get through a divorce without losing your sanity? It is extremely difficult; however, a recent article discusses some valuable ideas for divorcing individuals. The source reports that there are five main steps that can ease your departure from your former loved one.

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