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NBA player wants custody of his child

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A child-related legal disagreement can be emotionally exhausting. However, as many Illinois residents know, the outcome of a child custody case can affect not only your life, but the life of your child. In most cases, courts consider the best interests of a child when deciding how to rule on a particular case.

Disputes commonly arise if each parent has different living or child rearing plans for a kid. In a recent case, a famous basketball player has been battling these very issues. This time, his fight is not on the basketball court-it is in court. Chris Bosh, NBA player for the Miami Heat, is currently fighting for the guardianship of his young daughter.

According to a source, Bosh asserts that in violation of a former agreement, the mother of his child ignored his wishes to see his daughter. Subsequently, he filed documents to have the mother held in contempt of court. A court date had been set for the summer; however, Bosh is pursuing a different day that does not conflict with his basketball schedule.

As one can see, child-related legal disputes affect everyone. The ruling of this case could determine the NBA player's lifelong relationship with his daughter. Consistent with most custody disputes, the court will probably consider the parents' lifestyles in making a ruling. For this reason, if you are battling a child custody dispute, you may want to look into your legal possibilities. The result of the hearing may determine the fate of your child's future.

Source: "Chris Bosh fighting to see his daughter," Jan. 9, 2012

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