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Put premarital agreements in the right perspective

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You said "yes" to the proposal, but now your betrothed is asking you to sign a prenuptial agreement. You might not be sure what you need to do in this situation. First, you need to take a step back to think about what's truly important right now. The answer to this is usually that you are doing what you can to protect your future.

The knee-jerk reaction for some people when they are presented with a prenuptial agreement is to get upset. You might wonder why your future spouse thinks the marriage won't work out. This might make you scared. Instead of thinking like this, think about how much protection and stability the marriage will have if you know you are on a firm financial foundation.

It is the perfect time to make holiday plans with your children

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Thanksgiving is coming up soon and Christmas is right on its heels. Today is the day for you to review your child custody and parenting plan to ensure that you have the right schedule for this busy season. We know that this might not be your favorite thing to do, but being able to plan now for events that are coming up might help to eliminate some of the holiday stress.

Sometimes, there are events that can't be changed but that don't work with the current schedule. By reviewing everything and looking at your calendar now, you have a chance to work with your ex to find out if there are compromises that might help you to plan for those events. Just remember that this has to be a mutual effort. You can't expect your ex to bend the rules for your plans if you aren't willing to be flexible for theirs.

You might benefit from finalizing your divorce in 2018

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Upcoming changes to laws can have an impact on what people can expect if they are going to wait until 2019 to divorce. While these won't impact some people, they can actually be a huge consideration for people who will be affected by them.

As of Jan. 1, 2019, the way the marital home impacts you will change. A decrease in the way property taxes are deducted and in the amount of mortgage interest you can claim on taxes goes into effect. This might be a consideration when you are going through property division to determine what to do with the home.

2 questions to ask yourself before a custody battle

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Child custody matters aren't always easy to work through. There are times when divorced parents have differences in parenting styles that can't be resolved easily. We know that you only want what is best for your child, so now might be a good time to step back and think about how you can help accomplish this.

When it comes to parenting, there are often multiple ways to help children thrive. Just because you and your ex can't agree on specific methods doesn't make you enemies. When you don't agree with what your ex is doing or they don't agree with you, there are two questions to ask yourself.

  1. Are the children in danger?
  2. Will they suffer from doing it my ex's way?

Plan carefully if you are getting remarried and have children

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Getting remarried after you go through a divorce is a big step. You have to ensure that you are ready, but you also need to make sure that your children are too. There are several ways that you might be able to help them adjust to the big change that is coming. Here are a few things to consider:

Take your time as you develop your new relationship. Rushing too much can make the transition more difficult on your children. You must ensure that your kids have time to get to know the person you are planning on marrying. This can be a challenge, but it might be possible if you do things as a group.

Protect your loved ones with your estate plan

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Your estate plan should pass as much of your estate along to your heirs as possible. There are a few things that you need to try to protect the assets from. One of these is a high tax burden. The estate tax can take a good chunk of what your heirs should be enjoying. We know that you don't want this to happen but that you need to ensure that your spend-down is perfectly legal. We can help you come up with a plan that makes this happen.

Giving your loved ones gifts each year can help reduce the value of your estate, which may enable you to get it under the threshold for having to pay the estate tax. There are limits to how much you can give to a person each year. We can let you know this each year so that your loved ones aren't paying a gift tax.

Address the challenges of parenting plans for teens

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Rearing a teen isn't easy for any parent. While these young adults are learning how to be self-sufficient in life, they still need the guidance of their mothers and fathers. Parents who are going through a divorce who have teens might realize just how difficult it is to come up with a suitable parenting plan for them.

For many situations involving teenagers, it is best to have a somewhat fluid custody plan. They usually have a variety of social engagements, including extracurricular and school activities. Some teens also have jobs. Unless you and your ex live close to each other, having your teen go back and forth from one home to the other might be difficult. Instead, the child might need to live in one home and just visit the other parent when their schedule allows.

Childless divorces aren't necessarily easy endeavors

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Some people claim that divorce is easier if the couple doesn't have any children. While this might be partially true from a practical standpoint, there are some aspects of the split that might be more difficult when you don't have kids.

Without children, you don't have to worry about child custody and support. These are often contentious matters during the divorce. You might find that in the absence of children, you have to worry more about the material aspects of the split.

How do you know when it is the right time to file for divorce?

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You may find yourself waiting for just the right time to do a lot of things in life. It could be waiting for the right time to ask for a raise or possibly when to take the training wheels off your child’s bike. But is there a right time to get a divorce?

One of the problems when contemplating divorce is continuing to have thoughts that things will get better. Many times, things do get better for people. However, the decision to get a divorce can linger with nothing really changing. You may not just be deciding if you should get a divorce, but when you should do it.

Child custody agreements might need to be fluid

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Many things happen when you are going through a child custody case. One thing that you might notice is that all of your children don't have the same needs. It can be difficult to work out parenting time schedules when your kids have a bunch of different activities to go to.

Working with your ex is going to be necessary to ensure that the children get to the places they need to go and back to the correct home. You might soon find that you can't rely only on a set schedule to make this happen. Being willing to be flexible can help you cope with these situations.

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