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Types of Illinois orders of protection

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Dealing with abuse, either emotional or physical, can take an incredible toll on someone. If you are the victim of abuse, you should do what is in your best interest and get out of the situation immediately. You can also protect yourself by applying for a protective order. There are three types of protective orders in the state of Illinois.

The most common type of order in Illinois is known as the Emergency Order of Protection. This type of order protects the person who applied for it, the petitioner, from any harm caused by the recipient of the order, or the respondent. This order of protection is activated the minute that it is approved by the judge. The respondent does not have to be notified of the hearing due to the nature of harm involved in the case. This order lasts between 14 and 21 days.

What does divorce mean in Illinois?

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No marriage starts with a concept of how it may end. Divorce is a difficult subject to approach even if the spouses have agreed to end a marriage. Legal representation is worth considering in order to make sure life is not disturbed more than necessary during a divorce.

How do I get a divorce in Illinois?

Proposed law in Illinois may change child custody arrangements

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The well-being of children should be the primary concern of spouses who have decided to end their marriage. Children have no real say in their future lives compared to the efforts and decisions that their parents can take when the time comes to get their lives in order after a divorce, separation or other marital event.

The state of Illinois offers many options to allow former spouses to continue being good parents if they are no longer committed to each other. These include sole custody, which gives one parent singular control of the child's home and upbringing, and parenting plans, which lay out each parent's responsibility in a legal document for easy reference.

New tax laws may affect Illinois alimony payments

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Divorce is often a difficult prospect, even if the emotional effects are muted or resolved before the legal process. The most important consideration of any divorce of parents is the well-being of any children, while the finances and assets of a marriage are often a close second and require a lot of negotiation.

Lawyers can help guide spouses to an agreeable solution for post-divorce finances or sharing the assets and property acquired during a marriage. Attorneys are able to look out for each person's interests during a divorce and make sure documents are filed appropriately, as well as follow changes in divorce laws.

Changes to tax law also change estate planning

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Estate planning is a difficult consideration for family and friends, although paying close attention to the process can yield great benefits for heirs and beneficiaries. It is also not a process that should happen only once, as changes to national and state laws may affect plans for inheritances.

New changes to the federal tax code are perhaps the most significant in more than 30 years. This new tax policy may leave changes to estate planning and pre-death gifts that encourage people to make or change their estate plans.

As the executor of an estate, what are your responsibilities?

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It can be daunting to learn that a person named you as the executor of his or her estate. This is an honor, but it is also a tremendous responsibility, one that you should not take lightly. In fact, you might find it beneficial to seek guidance as you work to meet your obligations and walk through the entire process of probate and executing the estate.

As the executor of a person's estate, you will have the responsibility of ensuring the completion of the wishes and directions left by the Illinois decedent in his or her will. Your role will specifically relate to the distribution of property and addressing remaining obligations with creditors. It can be intimidating to walk through this process, but fortunately, you are not obligated to walk through the process alone.

Refinancing a mortgage may ease a divorce

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Divorce is never easy, but the emotional issues are only part of the problem. Financial arrangements, including home purchases, bind two people together in a way that is harder to dissolve.

Many divorcing couples will find that the most valuable asset in the marriage is their primary home. Real estate is a great place to keep and build value, and the financial arrangement to buy a home may involve debt as well as capital.

Help for people suffering domestic abuse

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Family law in Illinois covers many subjects, mostly surrounding marriage and child care. Lawyers who are experienced in family law often help couples handle their assets during marriage or divorce and represent parents' interests during child custody disputes or arrangements.

Two of the types of family law that intersect with criminal law involve violence that can cause physical harm and mental distress. These are domestic violence and child abuse. Crimes of this nature often occur between people who know each other and live together, so specific means are necessary to prevent further problems.

How do I calculate child support in Illinois?

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If you are a parent getting a divorce from your children's other parent, things are likely to get contentious. Most parents want the largest share of time with children, as well as a say in how children are raised and cared for during their years as minors.

Illinois courts, as well as the best parents, want what is best for the children. So another large consideration during the parents' divorce is how much money will go to the children's upbringing. Child support pays for food, clothing, medical care and other essential costs of raising children safe and healthy.

Is your spouse spending money after claiming a pay reduction?

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When it became clear you were headed for divorce, you began to formulate a plan for your future, especially concerning your children. Like most good parents in Illinois, you want to make sure the impact your divorce has on their lifestyle is as minimal as possible. Your financial situation has always been a struggle. On the other hand, you're thankful you've always been able to provide for your children's needs.

Still, when preparing for your divorce, you want to make sure property division proceedings leave you with the appropriate means to continue the lifestyle to which you and your children have grown accustomed during your marriage. Recent incidents make you wonder if your spouse is not playing fair when it comes to assets you jointly own. Before things get out of hand, it may help to further investigate the matter.